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Canyon View Junior High School Vision
 “Helping dreams take flight”

CVJH School Mission

Preparing our students for success by providing the best academic, social, and cultural education possible. We will do this by:
  1. Delivering a college and career readiness education that will prepare our students to take their next step in life.
  2. Endeavoring to send every 9th grade student to high school on track for high school graduation.
  3. Offering our students opportunities to be involved in co-curricular, extra-curricular, and other social experiences that provide a balanced education.
  4. Providing academic programs, classroom experiences, and extra-curricular opportunities that celebrate cultural diversity and increase cultural awareness.

CVJH School Values & Beliefs

  1. We believe that all students deserve our time and attention.
  2. We believe that our efforts to know our students translate into academic successes.
  3. We believe that all students are capable of learning at higher levels.
  4. We believe that educating students extends beyond academics to include mutual respect, responsibility, and accountability.
  5. We believe that every member of our school community is capable of improvement.
  6. We value the celebration of perseverance, progress, and achievement.
  7. As a faculty and staff, we believe that we have a responsibility to act as role models for our students.
  8. We believe that collaboration with our peers yields increased students learning and builds community.